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Sunday, October 10, 2010

Imli Chutney (Tamarind Chutney)


Imli(Tamarind) : 250gms
Khajur(Dates) : 100gms [Optional]
Grated Gur(Jaggery) : 500gms
Red Chilli Powder : 1 Tsp
Jeera Powder : 2 Tsp
Chaat Masala : 2 Tsp
Salt : As per taste


1. Remove Seeds from the Khajur(Dates) and wash it.
2. Wash Imli(Tamarind) and
3. Soak Imli, Khajur and gur in just enough hot water to cover them for half an hour.
4. Grind this mixture and strain it.
5. Add water to this as per the consistency required.
6. Add red chilli powder, jeera powder, chaat masala and salt to taste.

This chutney can be stored refrigerated for upto a month

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